Une nouvelle idée pour un brunch  à Nice…Tous les détails dans Riviera Buzz! A new idea for brunch in Nice….All the detail in Riviera Buzz!

Paper plane

Eat well, laugh often, love much – that would be the motto of the new 100% organic restaurant, Paper Plane, in Nice.

After running the « Gout-Thé » in Antibes, Coralie and Benjamin contemplated embarking on a round-the-world trip, but in the end they did not go very far, opening Paper Plane in Nice last November. Their new adventure is all about good and healthy food.

As soon as you step into their charming little restaurant located on rue Gubernatis, you feel transported away from the hustle and bustle of nearby Vieux Nice and Place Masséna. The walls are decorated with plants and postcards, the wooden furniture provides for a relaxing and cozy atmosphere, while music gently plays in the background. Simplicity and conviviality are definitively the two key words here.


As for the food, everything, from the savoury dishes to the desserts, is homemade, using only seasonal, organic, and fresh produce. Almost everything on the menu, which changes weekly, is vegetarian, with vegan and gluten-free options. There are also new healthy juices and smoothies on offer every day.

Paper Plane is only open for lunch during the week, but turns into a lovely coffee shop on Saturday and a great place for brunch on Sunday. Where it differs from most eateries that have been popping up in the neighbourhood is that it favours creativity over traditional Niçoise specialties. While the portions may be on the small side, you will definitely feel satisfied, and the taste is just fantastic.


And the icing on the cake? The prices are totally reasonable, proof that it is no longer necessary to spend a fortune to eat organic food.

So, if you are ready to embark on a healthy culinary trip, do not hesitate a second longer and get yourself along to Paper Plane. You won’t be disappointed.


Paper Plane
14, rue Gubernatis
06000 Nice

Tel: 04 93 62 13 05

All images courtesy Paper Plane



Petite critique gastronomique pour Riviera Buzz. Litlle food review for Riviera Buzz.


Rue Gioffredo in Nice is home to many a fine café and eatery, but we think that we may have found its crowning glory – La Popote d’Ondine.

With its blue facade and ornate old lighting fixtures, you could be forgiven for thinking that this new eatery on rue Gioffredo is just another cosy cafe among so many others popping up around town. However, if the lines out the door are any indication, you will soon realize that La Popote d’Ondine could well be Nice’s newest hidden gem.

Since opening last April, it has fast become the perfect place to grab a snack on the go, or to linger for hours in a relaxing atmosphere.


The staff is friendly and courteous, offering food that can best be described as follows:-

Simple – all the dishes are what you would expect to find in a typical neighbourhood café for a quick lunch (quiches, bagels, salads with various choices of toppings….) or for a nice breakfast (croissants, hot chocolate, detox options…)

Healthy – all the ingredients are fresh, seasonal, organic and locally produced

Reasonably priced – many formulas under €10 are available. For example, a sandwich with a drink or a desert will only cost you €5.40

Delicious – everything, from the savory plates to the cakes, is yummy and big on flavour.

And to top it all off, the place is nicely decorated with old pictures on the walls as well as a living room style interior and a little terrace for those who want to take their time.

Thanks to the positive word of mouth, La Popote d’Ondine has ironically become a victim of its own success, particularly on Saturdays. But truth be told, it doesn’t really matter…the culinary experience is definitely worth the wait!



La Popote d’Ondine
18-20 rue Gioffredo,
06000 Nice


Une belle découverte à Nice pour une pause gourmande. A nice discovery in Nice for a sweet break

Gout thé_5

A new teahouse recently opened in Nice is guaranteed to take you on a trip down memory lane, a real déjà vu experience!

Remember what it felt like to go to your grandmothers for afternoon tea? The smell of freshly baked pastries, the family pictures on the wall, the old style crockery, the embroidered tablecloths…all the childhood memories that bring a smile to your face!

Well, you can now relive them all, at least for an hour, thanks to Priscilla (pictured below), a young niçoise who opened her own salon de thé just over a year ago in Borriglione, the neighbourhood where she was born and grew up.

For as long as she can remember, Priscilla has always loved to bake and spend quality time catching up with her mother over a cup of coffee. When you step into Au Goût Thé d’Antan, you get just that, a cozy and inviting atmosphere, with an impressive choice of cakes as well as hot and cold beverages.

Gout thé_6

Gout thé_3

Gout thé_2

The pastries change on a daily basis, depending on Priscilla’s mood and the fruits that she finds each morning at the market. And even if she does not always have her own creations on display – she has spent months perfecting her now famous fondant tout chocolat, and has brought back some English recipes from time spent in Londonbanoffee and cupcakes – she likes nothing better than sharing with her customers those old-fashioned cakes her two grandmothers taught her how to make. Her gateau de pain and Flognarde aux pommes are definite crowd pleasers.

To accompany the pastries, there is a large selection of teas, coffees and, of course, mouth-watering hot chocolates on the menu. Adding to the old-fashioned atmosphere, the tiny place is decorated with mid-century furniture, dolls and vintage appliances. Even Priscilla plays the part. With her little dresses, her apron, her hair bow and her permanent smile, she is the perfect hostess. Customers feel at home here, enjoying a sweet break in a relaxed setting. Sometimes, happiness is as simple as that!

Gout thé_1

Gout thé_4

Au goût thé d’Antan
31, avenue Borriglione
06100 Nice

Open Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 1pm to 7pm
Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 9am to 7pm