Entretien avec la restauratrice Ivy Dai. Interview with chef Ivy Dai.

When not writing about food, you can find chef Ivy Dai serving up her delicious plant-based cuisine at Graze Artisan Café, the restaurant she recently launched in Antibes.

To help you get to know Ivy better as well as finding out more about her restaurant and vegan cuisine in general, we had the chance to ask her a few questions.


Hello Ivy. First of all can you tell us a little bit about yourself? I understand that you are from Los Angeles but have been traveling a lot over the last few years?

Hello! Yes I am originally from Los Angeles, born and raised. Since I was a little girl I have always had a bit of wanderlust. I first left home and travelled abroad at age 22 to China. It was a huge culture shock, but definitely an adventure and I learned Mandarin in the process. I went back to the States and worked as a food journalist then a producer for ABC News in 2008 before leaving and finally following my dream: attending the Cordon Bleu Culinary School. I completed my externship in Paris at Lenôtre and Hédiard, then headed back to California where I worked at the Four Seasons and Ritz Carlton hotels as a pastry chef.

France kept calling me back, and I finally landed an opportunity to help open a gluten free Pâtisserie in Paris in 2012. That was also a big move, and it was really tough adjusting. During my time there I also worked as a French pastry instructor and helped open NeoBento, an organic café in the trendsetting 3rd arrondissement (Le Marais). I also ran my own cooking classes, Dragon Dinners, which I launched in 2008 in California, teaching home cooks how to make authentic Chinese!

My yoga instructor in LA, Sabrina Kappler, worked in yachting and convinced me to come to Antibes and try my hand at yachting. It was tough breaking in at first, despite my experience. I cooked on several yachts for a variety of owners, and found my niche in plant-based and gluten-free fare with an international twist. My clients now seek me out solely for this type of cuisine, mostly in Europe but I recently just returned from Qatar and have worked in Asia.

Essentially, the cuisine you get in my restaurant is what I make for my international clients. I created Graze because I wanted to make tasty wholesome food available to the masses. I thought to myself – how can I take what I do for one person and do that same thing for many. That’s where the concept of Graze was born.

When did you first know that you wanted to become a chef? And a vegan one at that!

I first knew I wanted to be a chef in Mrs. Hilscher’s home economics class in 7th grade. I was 13. I learned to bake. I was always forcing my family to try new weird things. I had a natural skill for it.

At 19 I wanted to be a food writer, which I achieved at the age of 25, then I took the leap and went to culinary school and haven’t looked back since.

What do you enjoy most about being a chef?

love feeding people. I love seeing the excitement in people’s faces and their whole being lights up when you cook something just how ‘mom used to make it’, or someone discovers a flavor so new and stupendous, it cracks open their world. Food is a journey of emotions, and a common language that connects people of all backgrounds.

You have recently launched your own restaurant, Graze Artisan Café, in Antibes, can you tell us a little about this new adventure? How would you describe the food you offer?

Opening Graze has been so gratifying, I didn’t except I would gain so much satisfaction and create a new community. The menu and style of service Graze offers has evolved according to the needs of our customers. And it’s a beautiful thing.

Look, I am not against meat. I am not telling anyone that butter is evil and don’t ever eat a hamburger again. In fact I love butter (a huge reason why I moved to France). Being a ‘vegan’ restaurant (I prefer to call it plant-based) becomes quite a political statement. People say but I like meat and I won’t stop eating it. But…do you need to have it at EVERY single meal? What about some curry? A delicious soup? Some dessert? Or a smoothie? There is really a lot of variety to eat!


I am not against meat, I am for fresh fruits and vegetables. Meat and eggs and dairy products are excellent for health, especially bone broth, but in the modern age it takes a lot of time and money to eat high quality animal protein. And even then eating grass-fed is actually worse for the environment…one cow then eats so much more plants than a grain-fed cow.

I tell some of my customers who say why don’t you serve meat..I tell them if you go hunt and kill an animal and bring it to me, I will cook it. Or you can eat as much as cake, cookies, and pizzas as you want – just make it yourself. Hunting and baking are time-consuming, and foods that we rarely ate before the industrialization of food. Now you can have a burger anytime – but if you are only eating meat and wheat, there’s not much room for a vegetable. When you eliminate meat, you are forced to cook, then you naturally eat better.


But I also know it is a challenge to eat well – there’s the shopping, the cooking, the menu planning, the clean up. Here at Graze, we strive to make wholesome food readily available for all of us who are getting busier and busier – and find ourselves eating crisps and an apple for dinner.

And why did you choose Antibes?

The French Riviera is on the exact same latitude line as California. It reminds me of home – the topography, near the beach and also the mountains, the weather, the relaxed attitude. I live in Antibes and chose to open Graze here because we need it. After years of living here, I found it tough to eat well on the go. As well as finding a variety of cuisines. And eating well means feeding your taste buds as well as your body. Enjoying a gastronomic experience is synonymous with being French – and how can a country who does not eat well, be well?

How do you dispel the belief that a vegan diet is bland?

Let’s name a few things that are tasty and just so happen to have no animal products:

– Chips/fries/french fries/pomme frites
– Onion bhajis
– A lot of Indian food
– A lot of Chinese food
– Guacamole
– Hummus
– Smoothies
– Chocolate
– Granola bars

So anyways we serve all this stuff here! Even scrumptious tacos and burgers, vegan pizza, Thai food, you name it. I would say we are more about offering a variety of international cuisine (as America is a large melting pot) than putting lettuce and pasta on a plate and saying bon appetit.


Does being vegan help in maintaining a healthy weight?

As I mentioned earlier, when you add more fruits and vegetables in your diet, you automatically cut out a lot of processed food, which is what makes you tired, pack on the pounds, and grab for more sugary drinks, candy bars and fast food. At Graze all our smoothies are only made with 100 percent fresh fruit, desserts are made with unrefined cane sugar, and our dishes are perfect for anyone trying to lose weight or get lean. For example, our Thai Burger has 5 fruits and veggies, chickpeas for protein, and spicy curry paste to burn fat, 200 calories and ZERO fat. And it’s pretty damn tasty too…it’s topped with our coriander ‘aioli’ (made with organic soymilk).

I first tried to become vegan about 10 years ago, and it has been a long and bumpy journey to move to a plant-based diet. I remember the first day I didn’t eat meat or dairy I was crawling to In-N- Out Burger by the end of the day (a popular burger chain in California).

After I experienced severe adrenal fatigue and exhaustion in 2013, my digestion and overall health was shot – and I only craved fruits and vegetables. So that is all I ate for 6 months. I also did a juice fast for 3 days that really opened my eyes in terms of my attitude with food – that I ate to curb anxiety or when I was thirsty – not when I was actually hungry.

Everyone knows fruits and vegetables are good for you. So think about ADDING some color into your diet versus focusing on ELIMINATING meat and dairy. We need those vitamins and minerals to stay strong and healthy and skinny!


What tip would you give to someone interesting in becoming a vegan?

If you are moving towards a plant based diet, I suggest eating things you like that already have a lot of flavor – like chili, but instead of ground meat, add 3 beans (for 9 complete amino acids). Or try Indian food, or maybe a sweet and sour basil eggplant stirfry. The trick is to keep your taste buds and body satisfied – hot as well as oily food will help keep you grounded as you move to a plant-based diet.

Do you have a culinary specialty?

To the first 25 people who like us on Facebook, I will send a FREE recipe booklet of my favorite recipes from the upcoming Graze cookbook. After liking us, just email usand we will send you your free copy!

My culinary specialties? Pastry (appeared on Food Network’s “Cupcakes Wars”), Chinese, and vegan and gluten-free of course !


And finally, what do you like so much about the French Riviera? Are there any special places you would recommend?

For a list of all my favorite places in Antibes, you can check my site.

New Antibes additions: Mamalu, an amazing family style Italian restaurant by the covered market, The 44, a gastronomic meal in an intimate setting.

Favorite places in the Riviera: Mandelieu-la Napoule, Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, Chèvre d’Or in Eze, La Réserve (beach) in Nice, and on my yoga mat at Samasthiti Yoga or Azure Yoga in Antibes!

Many thanks to Ivy a for taking the time to answer our question, and we wish her the very best of luck with her new adventure. To find out more about Ivy’s work, you can visit her website and, of course, check out Graze Artisan Café when you happen to be in Antibes.

Graze Artisan Café
20, rue des Casemates

Tel: +33 (0)4 89 82 51 73

All photos courtesy Ivy Dai / Graze Café



Le secret le mieux gardé de Nice? Nice’s best kept secret?

One chef by the oven in the kitchen, the other in the dining room looking after the customers. That’s the recipe for success adopted by Aux Deux Chefs.

aux 2 chefs_façade

A lovely neighbourhood restaurant, Aux Deux Chefs is located on rue Dabray, a stone’s throw from the Gare du Sud. But describing the place as just a spot for the locals would definitely be doing it a misjustice.

Making their own the saying of famous chef Paul Bocuse: “There is no good food if initially it is not done out of friendship for the person to whom it is intended”, the two young cooks at the helm of the restaurant, Jean-François and Vivian, both graduates from the Nice and Menton culinary schools, offer a gastronomic menu full of surprises, each more delightful than the last, in an atmosphere reminiscent of that of Lyon’s Bouchons.

The accent is put on seasonal and fresh products and if the dishes are all pretty traditional, they each come with a twist to excite even the more demanding palate.

Take, for instance, the Hamburger Nissart, made of beef, sun-dried tomatoes, black olives and pesto. Meanwhile, the fillet of duck breast is caramelized with honey and lavender, the cod loin is served with a rouille, a Provençal mayonnaise made of olive oil, and the sea bass is cooked with Parmesan cheese and pesto.

The prices are very reasonable, especially considering the quality of the cuisine. A “menu plaisir” that consists of an appetizer, an entrée, and a dessert costs just €25, while the dishes “à la carte” range from €13 to €22.

aux 2 chefs logo

The two chefs want you to have an unforgettable experience so they are always happy to answer your questions and adapt, if necessary, the dishes to suit your needs or desires.

With the Libération district getting trendier by the minute, don’t wait any longer to try this gem…we have a feeling that this will soon be the Place To Be!

Restaurant Aux Deux Chefs
56, rue Dabray
06000 NICE      

Tel: +33 4 93 52 56 50

Open Monday to Saturday from 11:30am to 2pm and on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings from 7pm to 10pm.


All images courtesy Aux Deux Chefs


Une bonne adresse à Monaco! A good address in Monaco!

It is nothing short of a Monegasque institution, and after a four year refurb, the Rampoldi Restaurant has reopened to the delight of its many fans.


The Rampoldi Restaurant is THE place to be for the local in-crowd, as well as for the jet-setters and celebrities from the world over who are in town.

Established in 1946 and located right in the historic Carré d’Or of Monte-Carlo, Rampoldi offers a brasserie-style menu of delicious Italian dishes with subtle French influences in an exquisite setting. Some of the most popular choices include the crayfish-stuffed ravioli and tortellini with cream and white truffle sauce, but the restaurant is also famous for its unbelievable caviar and its original cocktails that can be enjoyed at the bar. Prices many be high but the portions are generous and all the ingredients are fresh and come from local producers.

Rampoldi has a streetside terrace facing the casino gardens, which allow its clientele to live the authentic Monegasque experience. When temperatures drop outside, the main dining room with its ornate ceilings, wood panelling and mirrors, has an undeniable charm that remains intact despite the extensive renovations that have been carried out to modernise the restaurant.

Thanks to the eatery’s 70 years of experience and its focus on quality, patrons can expect to benefit from the highest level of service and attention from the personnel, and because we are in Monaco, the restaurant also offers special privileges to its members. This “special treatment” includes dedicated tables available all year-round and a prestigious lounge that can be privatised for special events. The members have also access to an exclusive cigar room, where they can smoke and relax, away from the crowd.


Combining a prime location and an unique ambiance with delicious Mediteranean cuisine and a modern touch, Rampoldi definitely remains a deservedly sought-after destination.

3, avenue des Spélugues
98000 Monaco

Tel: +377 93 30 70 65


All images courtesy Rampoldi Facebook page


Un vrai paradis pour les gourmands à Monaco. A real paradise for the gourmands in Monaco.


It is a dream come true for the region’s chocolate lovers … a place that literally looks like the Willy Wonka factory, right in the heart of Monaco.

Located in the lobby of the luxurious Hôtel Metropole, French Chef Joël Robuchon’s Chocolate Bar has been delighting local customers with dark gold in all its forms and in many variations since mid-November. With the festive season just around the corner, no doubt that many more gourmands are going to let themselves be tempted by this decadent experience.

This bar is a big first for the French culinary master, who counts more Michelin stars than any other chef, and operates over a dozen restaurants around the world, from Bangkok and Hong Kong to Las Vegas, London and Paris. With little fat and lots of inventiveness, Robuchon is known for creating big flavours that always surprise his clientele on all occasions.

Just want to have a drink with a friend? Why not try the Tiramisu cocktail, which blends Cocoa liquor, Kahlúa, vanilla syrup, Grey Goose Vodka and liquid vanilla cream, or the non-alcoholic Metropole Choc, a mixture of Valrhona Grand Celaya frappé, cotton candy syrup and marshmallow. In addition to the hot chocolates, various teas are available like The Poire Belle Hélène tea (Black tea with a mix of blue tea Wuolong, pear, almonds, cocoa nibs and roasted bean shells), or the Chez Mamie tea (a blend of black and green tea with cocoa, cinnamon, almond and orange). And of course, for those with a sweet tooth, the menu also includes plenty of delicious desserts, all made with superb cocoa beans from South American and Africa.

As the chef himself points out, chocolate is very good for cardiovascular problems and helps fight stress, tension, and depression. So, what are you waiting for?

The Chocolate Bar is open daily from 3pm to 6pm.

Chocolate Bar
Hôtel Metropole
4 Avenue de la Madone
98000 Monaco


All images courtesy Hôtel Metropole


Une belle initiative pour manger sain. A nice initiative to eat healthy!

A pop-up farmer’s market in Nice with an online approach to selling produce is proving to be a hugely popular initiative.


As the weeks pass, the lines of people waiting in front of Nice’s main station of a Thursday evening to receive their order of fresh fruit and vegetables are getting longer … a sure sign of success for what is probably the best food initiative of the last few years, La ruche qui dit oui! (The Hive that Says Yes!)

Created in Toulouse by culinary designer Guilhem Chéron and web project manager Marc-David Choukroun, this food assembly movement is a connected sales network, where local customers can buy quality produce directly from farmers in their region. This is done through an online platform which sets out details of the food-buying hubs, the “hives”, made up of farmers, dairies, bakers and so on, that are all based within a 100 mile radius.

Customers sign up for free and select their local hive. Each week, they can browse each producer’s personalised web page and select their items. Once their order has been placed and paid for, they receive a confirmation number and all they have to do is to turn up at the allotted time and place to collect their goods from the producers themselves.

Easy to use for customers and financially beneficial for sellers who receive a pre-tax turnover four times better than what they would receive from a supermarket chain, these pop-up markets are first and foremost a way to cut out the middlemen in order to offer organic food at a reasonable price. Customers can also get all they need at one single place while producers no longer need to spend long hours at a market not knowing how much they’ll sell. For everyone involved, it is a great way to meet face to face and create a community through food.

The movement is showing no signs of slowing down and has already spread to many other European countries, including the U.K. where it won the Best British Food Initiative at the BBC Food and Farming Awards in 2015, for “making a positive difference to how and what Britain eats, and is showing the Industry the way forward”. As for the Riviera, no less than 12 hives have been set up so far from Grasse to Beausoleil.


Image courtesy La ruche qui dit oui!



Toujours quelque chose de nouveau à Monaco! Always something new in Monaco!

F10 Studios Ltd

One of the newest additions to Monégasque nightlife, Thirty-Nine, offers its clientele something quite exceptional, but it does come at a price.

When it comes to luxury accommodations, the Principality of Monaco knows no shortage of glamourous locations, but somehow it has long been missing a private members club similar to the ones that exist in the United Kingdom. With the opening of Thirty-Nine last September, this void has now been filled.

Conceived by ex-rugby player and local resident Ross Beattie, and meticulously designed by the renowned Morpheus London, the elegant space offers all the best in health, beauty, food, and lifestyle over four floors, creating a real social hub “where people can get to know like-minded people”.

Sports fans now have access to an 800m2 state-of-the-art fitness suite that includes altitude training, group cycling, and Pilates studio, and can benefit from individually tailored training programmes.


The spa and beauty salon provides high-end personalised care assessments and treatments, thanks to highly skilled hairdressers, doctors, and biologists. For those who want to work in peace, a conference suite is also available, while those who just need to chill out can enjoy the cigar terrace or have a delicious meal prepared by chef Gualterio Marchesi, founder of modern Italian cuisine. And if that was not enough, the beautiful crafted decor, such as the custom-build chandelier above the reception area, pays tribute to the timeless glamour of the French Riviera.

As Beattie himself explains, “you should be able to achieve from the club what you want to achieve. If that’s becoming the healthiest person in the world, looking a certain way, improving times or scores of whatever discipline you’re in, we can do that. But if you just want to relax, socialize and have a meeting somewhere, then you can do that as well”.

F10 Studios Ltd

Of course, all this does come at a price. For a mere €4,900 per year, you will be able to enjoy this “home away from home” that looks after both the body and the mind of its members.

39, avenue Princesse Grace
98000 Monaco

Enquiries – info[at]

All photos courtesy Thirty-Nine


Petite critique culinaire pour Riviera Buzz. Little culinary review for Riviera Buzz.

Considered to be among the best in the Arab world and the Mediterranean, Lebanese food is all about flavours, freshness and sharing.

If we are to believe TripAdvisor, Nice has made it in to third place in France for the quality of its Lebanese restaurants … just behind Paris and Grenoble.

So, to celebrate this great news for all the region’s food lovers, we have decided to share with you our five favorite Lebanese addresses in Nice.


DI YAR – 9, rue de la Préfecture

Right by the always busy Cours Saleya, Di Yar is nothing short of an institution. For nearly 20 years, this quaint and popular restaurant has been offering authentic Lebanese cuisine, including a large selection of oriental dishes and plenty of complimentary snacks, as well as a good amount of vegetarian and vegan choices.

The portions are generous, the prices reasonable and the staff very friendly. And the icing on the cake, it is open 24/7.

With its long dining room and its great outdoor seating area, Di Yar is definitely the perfect place to relax and enjoy all the hustle and bustle of the old town.


LE SOCRATE – 2, rue de Suisse

Much more than just a restaurant, Le Socrate is an experience. Located on a pedestrian street just a stone’s throw from avenue Jean Médecin, this Lebanese eatery perfectly blends tradition and modernity .

Every day, for both lunch and dinner, Le Socrate offers a long list of hot and cold mezze to share with your table, such as moutabal (eggplant mashed with olive oil) and fatayers (pastry stuffed with spinach), as well as Lebanese specialties such as Kefta kebabs, tasty desserts, a large selection of French and Lebanese wine, and of course, mint tea.

And with belly dancing performances every Friday and Saturday evening, there is a real One Thousand and One Nights atmosphere about this place.


YA HABIBI – 6, rue du Congrès

This wildly popular Lebanese canteen, takeaway, and deli has been offering Lebanese food for nearly 30 years. Just a few steps away from the Promenade des Anglais, you will find yourself transported miles away from the French Riviera thanks to its glitzy design.

The owner will welcome you with a smile, and while there is plenty of choice on the extended menu that includes hummus, falafels, mezzes and grillades, you will also be able to enjoy a nice selection of great wines from the Bekaa valley.

And if that was not enough, there is also a resident singer to accompany you on your culinary travels!


BEYROUTH CAFÉ – 12, rue de la Buffa

Despite its relatively small size, this restaurant located on rue de la Buffa in the centre of Nice manages to turn out a sizeable menu of mezze, grilled dishes, and delicious desserts, freshly made to eat on site or to take away.

With only limited dining space available on the small terrace, the interior of the Beyrouth Café more than makes up for it, decorated in an oriental style that will make you feel like you are in Lebanon. Baked pitas, kebbe (a mix of minced lamb, onions, and cracked wheat), falafel, hummus, shish taouk (grilled chicken), kafta (beef kebabs) … everything that makes Lebanese food so popular is on offer, with adequate portions and reasonable prices.

For affordable and consistent Lebanese fare, the Beyrouth Café is not to be missed.


AU PETIT LIBANAIS – 2, rue Vernier

Located on rue Vernier away from the touristy districts, Au Petit Libanais could easily be overlooked, but what it lacks in atmosphere, it more than makes up for with the scrumptious dishes on offer at this family restaurant.

Inside, you will immediately feel at home. The mother cooks, her children wait the tables, and the food does all the talking. From the extensive mezze selection and grills to delightful desserts and catering options, everything is made using the freshest ingredients. And while the prices are very reasonable, the portion sizes are more than ample, and full of flavour.

Sometimes, simplicity is just the way to go!

Lead and first image courtesy Di Yar Facebook page; interior of Le Socrate via their Facebook page; interior shot of Ya Habibi © Mike Colquhoun; photo of Beyrouth Café from their website; photo of Au Petit Libanais via Yelp!


L’Aromate à Nice ou quand la cuisine devient un art. L’Aromate in Nice or when cooking between an art.


L’Aromate is one of Nice’s few Michelin starred restaurants, so when it offers up cutting-edge, yet delicious cuisine, you just have to try it.

Located in a former peanut-roasting plant located on avenue Maréchal Foch, right in the heart of the city, l’Aromate is a welcoming place with two dining rooms decorated with black ceilings and wood floors that definitely provide for a very intimate atmosphere.

The owner and chef, Mickaël Gracieux, a native of Saint-Amand-Montrond in the Cher who moved with his girlfriend Elise to Nice in 2008, has trained with some of the most prestigious French culinary masters, such as Joël Robuchon in Paris, Alain Ducasse at the Louis XV in Monaco, and Arnaud Donckele at La Pinède in Saint Tropez.

Eager to democratize haute cuisine and give free rein to his creativity, Gracieux is offering dishes that are both innovative and tasty, using only the best of fresh produce. His lunch and dinner menus change regularly according to the season, as well as the chef’s imagination, and feature both traditional dishes (for instance, Charolais beef with a light crust of salt, pepper and hazelnuts served with potato purée) and original creations such as the crab in shellfish gelée with a curry-fennel cream for starter or the orange and lemon tart for desert.

aromate-dessert-002     aromate-dessert-003

Gracieux’s main goal is to make the experience as unique and delightful as possible for the customers, but at the same time keeping it convivial and affordable, and already his efforts have paid off. In June 2008, he became the first winner of the ‘Rising Star Champagne Jacquart Trophy’ in Gastronomy for the French Riviera, and just two years later, earned his first Michelin star. What a great achievement for this young and talented chef who has managed to build on his unique culinary experience to carve out an identity of his own!


L’Aromate is open from Tuesday to Saturday, 7:30pm till 10:30pm.

Restaurant L’Aromate
20, avenue Maréchal Foch
06000 Nice

Telephone : +33 4 93 62 98 24


Un nouveau restaurant à essayer bientôt à Monaco! A new restaurant to try soon in Monaco!


The tennis is in full swing this week at the Monte-Carlo Country Club, and World No.1 Novak Djokovic is particularly busy at the moment – more so off-court than on!

Monaco resident Novak Djokovic announced on his Facebook page last Sunday that his wife and himself have launched an all-vegan restaurant called Eqvita in the Principality.

My wife and I transferred our passion for healthy food into a restaurant concept called Eqvita Restaurant that is supposed to open in a few weeks. Tonight we are sharing our excitement with our family, friends and colleagues and in a few weeks time we will invite you all to join us here in Monaco”, Djokovic said.

This is not the tennis player’s first venture into the restaurant business – he already has a chain of family-run cafés in his Serbian homeland, called Novak, as well as an exclusive restaurant in Belgrade. He has also recently launched his own health food brand, Djokolife, which he says, “offers a range of products that reflect my idea for a better lifestyle and diet.”

Djokovic, or Nole as he is known to his numerous fans, has often credited his diet of gluten-free pasta, brown rice, oatmeal plus other gluten-free, carb-rich foods for his success on the tennis courts, after years of being dogged by ill-health.



Needless to say, many tennis A-listers attended the launch party on Sunday. Andy Murray, Tomas Berdych, Gael Monfils and Milos Raonic were just some of the many guests who showed up in the hope of getting a taste of Nole’s recipe for success!

The restaurant, located on rue du Portier, will surely become a culinary beacon for the many health-conscious customers in the region. The official opening date has not yet been confirmed.


7, rue du Portier
98000 Monaco


All images courtesy Eqvita Restaurant Facebook page


Une nouvelle idée pour un brunch  à Nice…Tous les détails dans Riviera Buzz! A new idea for brunch in Nice….All the detail in Riviera Buzz!

Paper plane

Eat well, laugh often, love much – that would be the motto of the new 100% organic restaurant, Paper Plane, in Nice.

After running the « Gout-Thé » in Antibes, Coralie and Benjamin contemplated embarking on a round-the-world trip, but in the end they did not go very far, opening Paper Plane in Nice last November. Their new adventure is all about good and healthy food.

As soon as you step into their charming little restaurant located on rue Gubernatis, you feel transported away from the hustle and bustle of nearby Vieux Nice and Place Masséna. The walls are decorated with plants and postcards, the wooden furniture provides for a relaxing and cozy atmosphere, while music gently plays in the background. Simplicity and conviviality are definitively the two key words here.


As for the food, everything, from the savoury dishes to the desserts, is homemade, using only seasonal, organic, and fresh produce. Almost everything on the menu, which changes weekly, is vegetarian, with vegan and gluten-free options. There are also new healthy juices and smoothies on offer every day.

Paper Plane is only open for lunch during the week, but turns into a lovely coffee shop on Saturday and a great place for brunch on Sunday. Where it differs from most eateries that have been popping up in the neighbourhood is that it favours creativity over traditional Niçoise specialties. While the portions may be on the small side, you will definitely feel satisfied, and the taste is just fantastic.


And the icing on the cake? The prices are totally reasonable, proof that it is no longer necessary to spend a fortune to eat organic food.

So, if you are ready to embark on a healthy culinary trip, do not hesitate a second longer and get yourself along to Paper Plane. You won’t be disappointed.


Paper Plane
14, rue Gubernatis
06000 Nice

Tel: 04 93 62 13 05

All images courtesy Paper Plane