Il n’est pas encore trop tard pour découvrir la nouvelle galerie d’art de Nice et les dernières oeuvres de Giacometti. It is not too late yet to discover Nice’s newest art gallery and Giacometti’s last works.

Nice is currently hosting its first ever exhibition dedicated to the works of Alberto Giacometti in the newly inaugurated Galerie Lympia.

The Square Grid

Consisting of a main building with roof terrace and clock tower, this intriguing space used to be a penal colony where prisoners from Villefranche were employed to dig the basins of the harbour, before being turned into a prison in the 19th-century. Since its renovation, it is now a full-blown arts centre, set to welcome major cultural events.

Organized in collaboration with the Giacometti Foundation, the current exhibition is showcasing some fifty major works from the Swiss artist’s final years (1960-1965), including sculptures, paintings, lithographs and drawings that highlight this decisive and relatively unknown period.


After abandoning surrealism and abstraction, Giacometti became famous for his figurative sculptures that resonated with the atmosphere of suffering that followed World War II. As he himself described his work he was not concerned with “depicting someone as we know them, but as we see them”.

Towards the end of his life, he also started to produce an extensive series of portraits, adding new models to his list of muses. This is how the Parisian prostitute, known as Caroline, and the photographer Eli Lotar came to replace the artist’s brother and wife, Diego and Annette, who modeled for most of his great postwar works.

While Giacometti did not travel much, he did come to Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat on numerous occasions and derived inspiration from the Côte d’Azur. It is now the French Riviera’s turn to pay tribute to an artist who drew its palm trees and seascapes with Giacometti: L’Œuvre ultime.

Galerie Lympia
2, quai d’Entrecasteaux
06300 Nice

Tel: +33 4 89 04 53 10


All images courtesy Galerie Lympia



Texas est de retour avec un nouvel album et un concert à Monaco. Texas is back with a new album and a concert in Monaco.

“Life’s too short, let’s work it out”, sings Sharlene Spiteri on the first single of her band’s newest release, Jump On Board, their ninth studio album


Just a year after celebrating three decades of hit-making, there is no doubt that Texas still has what it takes to be a force to be reckoned with on the musical scene. Showing no signs of slowing down, they have now embarked on a big global tour in support of their latest offering that will take them to Monaco at the end of November.

Taking their name from the Wim Wenders cult film “Paris, Texas” and fronted by Sharleen Spiteri, a pretty brunette regarded by many as one of the best British lead-singers, the Scottish band has survived the various music trends over the years, from the grunge wave that swept the 90’s to the electro vibe of the 2000s, as well as their lead singer’s stint as a solo artist (with 2008’s Melody and The Movie Songbook in 2010) to nonetheless release hit after hit, selling somewhere in the region of a million albums worldwide.

I Don’t Want a Lover”, “Halo”, “Summer Son”, “Black Eyed Boy”, are just a few examples of the feel-good tunes of this incredible pop/rock combo, and 2017’s Jump on Board does not disappoint. This new opus is a polished laid-back affair with a mixture of smooth soul, subdued disco and retro pop that should satisfy their long-standing fans as well as appeal to a newer generation.

We feel refreshed,” Spiteri said when the album was released in late April; “We definitely had a great time making this record. It’s time to jig it up. It’s like a new beginning. This is the next part of our story, and we’re are loving it”.

So if you want to be part of this next chapter in the life of one of the most beloved pop/rock bands, jump on board and mark the date in your calendar. Texas performs at the Salle Garnier in the Opéra de Monte-Carlo on Friday the 24th of November at 8:30pm. Tickets cost €82.50 and may be reserved online.



Cet automne à Nice, préparez vous à rire en anglais et français avec le comédien Paul Taylor. This fall in Nice, get ready to laugh in both English and French with comedian Paul Taylor.

British comedian Paul Taylor is bringing his bilingual stand-up comedy show to the Théâtre de la Cité in Nice this October.


If you are on social media, chances are that you have come across a short sketch about the way French people greet each other that was posted last year and then reposted on every blog and Facebook page. “When meeting a girl for the first time, should you shake hands or give her a kiss?”, “How many kisses do you have to give?”,  “Which cheek do you kiss?” … there were just a few of the questions raised by bilingual Brit Paul Taylor in an hilarious YouTube video that got one million views in just one week and quickly became an internet sensation.

Riding on this success, the young man, who used to work and travel the world for Apple, is now making a new life for himself as a stand-up comedian and it is with his half English, half French show that he will be in Nice, at the Théâtre de la Cité, this coming October.

Giving up a well-paid job and a bright future in a big company to start over and make people laugh in two languages is never an easy task, but Paul Taylor definitely has what it takes to make it work: a sharp sense of observation and humour, an undeniable ease with languages as he speaks French like a “Froggy” with just a slight a hint of an English accent, and a huge list of topics that tackle his adopted country’s particularities that, based on his own experience, might be difficult for expats. From the many public holidays and culture of strikes, to the dreaded administration and mad driving skills, no facet of life in France is safe with him.

If you do not yet know him, you can always check out the many “What the Fuck France 3 minute films he made for French channel Canal+. They are all available on YouTube.

Paul Taylor will be at the Théâtre de la Cité in Nice, on Friday, the 6th of October at 7:45 pm and 9:30 pm. Tickets cost from from €28 to €30 and can be bought at all the usual outlets or reserved online.


Image and video courtesy Paul Taylor Facebook page