Un beau film qui se passe en Provence. A beautiful movie set in Provence.


Marion Cotillard’s latest offering sees her star in an old-fashioned romantic drama set in the lavender fields of Provence.

Academy award-wining actress Marion Cotillard is no stranger to strong, complicated, and deeply troubled characters. After all, she became famous the world over for her brilliant performance as the legendary singer Edith Piaf in “La vie en rose”, before playing Leonardo DiCaprio’s dead wife who comes back to haunt his dreams in “Inception”. She was therefore the obvious choice to portray a young woman yearning for sexual fulfillment in the adaptation of Milena Agus’s bestseller “Mal de Pierres (From the Land of the Moon), directed by Nicole Garcia.

In this period film set in the 1950’s, Cotillard plays Gabrielle, the wild child of a lavender farmer whose nymphomaniac outbursts are a constant embarrassment for her family. After exhibiting herself naked one evening to a group of workers, her mother threatens to send her to the madhouse if she doesn’t consent to an arranged marriage to Jose, a poor Spanish bricklayer (played by Alex Brendemühl). Unable to answer her husband’s needs, she agrees to let him find satisfaction elsewhere. Gabrielle basically lives like a prisoner bound by the constraints imposed by society, but she will get a break when she is sent away to a hospital in Switzerland to have treatment for kidney stones. There, she meets André Sauvage (played by Louis Garrel), a dashing young lieutenant who has been injured during the Indochina war, and finally experiences the love and passions she has been longing for.

Relocated from Sardinia to the South of France, Mal de Pierres is a deeply moving story of a woman in love with the notion of love. It offers Marion Cotillard another showcase role, but the actress is not the only one to shine in this languid, yet intense movie. Both Garel and Brendemulh give strong performances and the shots of both Provence and the Swiss Alps are simply sumptuous, while the story has a really interesting twist. This beautiful crafted drama has all the ingredients to be a real crowd pleaser.

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Toujours quelque chose de nouveau à Monaco! Always something new in Monaco!

F10 Studios Ltd

One of the newest additions to Monégasque nightlife, Thirty-Nine, offers its clientele something quite exceptional, but it does come at a price.

When it comes to luxury accommodations, the Principality of Monaco knows no shortage of glamourous locations, but somehow it has long been missing a private members club similar to the ones that exist in the United Kingdom. With the opening of Thirty-Nine last September, this void has now been filled.

Conceived by ex-rugby player and local resident Ross Beattie, and meticulously designed by the renowned Morpheus London, the elegant space offers all the best in health, beauty, food, and lifestyle over four floors, creating a real social hub “where people can get to know like-minded people”.

Sports fans now have access to an 800m2 state-of-the-art fitness suite that includes altitude training, group cycling, and Pilates studio, and can benefit from individually tailored training programmes.


The spa and beauty salon provides high-end personalised care assessments and treatments, thanks to highly skilled hairdressers, doctors, and biologists. For those who want to work in peace, a conference suite is also available, while those who just need to chill out can enjoy the cigar terrace or have a delicious meal prepared by chef Gualterio Marchesi, founder of modern Italian cuisine. And if that was not enough, the beautiful crafted decor, such as the custom-build chandelier above the reception area, pays tribute to the timeless glamour of the French Riviera.

As Beattie himself explains, “you should be able to achieve from the club what you want to achieve. If that’s becoming the healthiest person in the world, looking a certain way, improving times or scores of whatever discipline you’re in, we can do that. But if you just want to relax, socialize and have a meeting somewhere, then you can do that as well”.

F10 Studios Ltd

Of course, all this does come at a price. For a mere €4,900 per year, you will be able to enjoy this “home away from home” that looks after both the body and the mind of its members.

39, avenue Princesse Grace
98000 Monaco

Enquiries – info[at]

All photos courtesy Thirty-Nine

Depeche Mode arrive à Nice…Tous les détails dans Riviera Buzz. Depeche Mode is coming to Nice…All the details are in Riviera Buzz.


Some things never seem to go out of fashion and while decades may pass, Depeche Mode’s career is showing no signs of slowing down.

2017 is indeed going to be a busy year for Dave Gahan, Martin Gore, and Andy Fletcher, who are not only planning to release a new record in the spring, Spirit (their 14th studio album), but also to embark on an European tour from May to July to support said album.

Definitely great news for both lifelong fans and new aficionados on the French Riviera, who will have a chance to see the UK band live when they stop at the Stade Charles Ehrmann in Nice on the 12th of May.

While we can expect to hear such classic hits as “People Are People”,Master and Servant”,Enjoy the Silence”, and “Personal Jesus”, the synthpop heavyweights will also be playing songs from their new offering, which is being produced by James Ford of Simian Mobile Disco (Foal, Artic Monkeys) and reportedly features additional programming from techno star, Matrixxman.

It will be a follow-up to their 2013’s Delta Machine, which was produced by Ben Hillier, and to their upcoming Video Singles Collection, a career-spanning anthology of music videos and comments that is due next month. Not bad for a band that has been around since 1980!


Famous for their dark, electro sound that propelled them to global success, Depeche Mode is still one of the most influential groups in the world today, having sold more than 100 million records over the years. They have even been hailed as “the most popular electronic band the world has ever known” by Q magazine, and as “one of the greatest British pop groups of all time” by the Sunday Telegraph.

With this exciting event, the upcoming musical season in Nice is definitely off to a great start!

Depeche Mode plays the Stade Charles Ehrmann in Nice on Friday, 12th of May 2017 at 7:45pm. Tickets go on sale on the 14th of October and range in price from 62 € to 89.50 € and can be purchased through all the usual outlets or booked online.

Stade Charles Ehrmann
155, boulevard du Mercantour
06200 Nice


Un bel hommage à Loie Fuller! A beautiful tribute to Loie Fuller!

A new movie pays tribute to Loie Fuller, a woman who was once the toast of the Belle Époque cabarets of Paris.

Most people seem to remember the San Francisco-born Isadora Duncan, the embodiment of nature and the ancient Greeks, who died in Nice in 1927 when the enormous silk scarf she was wearing got tangled in the rear hubcaps of her open car. Few however seem to remember her fellow countrywoman and contemporary, Loie Fuller, whose ‘serpentine dance’ took Paris and then the world by storm at the turn of the century.

Thankfully, a recent French movie, Stéphanie Di Giusto’s directorial debut, The Dancer, is setting the record straight, paying tribute to Fuller, who was admired by the likes of Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, the Lumière Brothers, and Auguste Rodin.

The beautifully crafted 19th-century drama premiered earlier this year in Un Certain Regard at Cannes, and opened last week throughout France. It offers a fictionalized account of the rise and fall of Loie Fuller, from her childhood in the mid-west to her much acclaimed performance at the Paris Opera. Portrayed by French musician-turned-actress, Soko, Fuller is mesmerizing as she whirls and twirls among hundreds of yards of silk, her arms extended by long wooden rods, until her whole body disappears into a storm of shifting shapes, be they butterflies or flowers. The American pioneer was a master of theatrical artifice and modern technology, and Di Giusto manages to turn Fuller’s iconic pieces into sumptuous dance sequences.


The artist’s downfall, however, came when she encountered Isadora Duncan, who first saw her perform at the 1900 Universal Exposition. Both women were seen as polar opposites. Indeed, while one was perceived as androgynous, hard-working, and always experimenting with the latest lighting effects, the other was seen as highly feminine, romantic, and waiting for divine inspiration.

In The Dancer, Duncan is played by Lily-Rose Depp, the daughter of Vanessa Paradis and Johnny Depp, who dazzles in her first big role. The high-profile international cast also includes Gaspard Ulliel (Saint Laurent), Melanie Thierry (The Zero Theorem),Francois Damiens (Heartbreaker), and Louis-Do du Lencquesaing (Taj Mahal).



Amma revient à Toulon…Tous les détails sont dans Riviera Buzz! Amma is coming back to Toulon…All the details are in Riviera Buzz!


Mata Amritanandamayi is back in Europe for a 10-date tour that will take her to Toulon’s Zenith Omega from the 7th to the 9th of November.

Mata Amritanandamayi, also known as “Amma” or “Mother”, has hugged millions of people around the globe, earning her the nickname “the hugging saint”. Her unconditional love and compassion towards all beings know no borders.

For those who have not yet heard of her, Amma is an Indian spiritual leader who has been devoting her life to “love and serve one and all”. She travels the world to literally embrace all the people who come to her, whether they are young or old, rich or poor, healthy or sick, as a way of “purification and inner healing.” Through her hugs and kisses, which she calls “darshan”, Amma is “transmitting a part of Her pure, vital energy into Her children,” in the hope that it will “help to awaken the dormant spiritual energy within them, which will eventually take them to the ultimate goal of Self-realization.”

Amma the hugging saintEverywhere she goes, thousands of believers and non-believers are lining-up each day to receive her free blessings during 22-hour hugging sessions, and the experience for most of them is incredible.

As NPR Reporter Allison Bryce wrote, “With great force, she took me in her arms and I was enveloped in a scent of rose. It was a powerful hug, a powerful moment, really. Overcome with a profound sense of comfort, clarity and calm, I staggered off stage and sat down.”

Amma however is not just about selfless hugs. As a preeminent religious leader, she has also launched an extensive network of charity organizations, Embracing the World, which provides in India and 40 other countries food, housing, education, and medical services for the poor.

But because the phenomenon that is Amma today is basically impossible to describe, there is only one way to really understand: come meet Amma in person this November in Toulon and get hugged by her!


November 7: All-day programme, starting at 11am
November 8: Two programmes: 10am – afternoon, and 7:30pm until late
November 9: Two programmes: 10am – afternoon, and 7:00pm until late


Salle Zenith Omega
Boulevard Commandant Nicolas
83000 Toulon

Tel: + 33 4 94 22 66 77

All images courtesy Amma / Embrace The World website


All images courtesy Amma / Embrace The World website