Le groupe écossais Texas célèbre ses 25 ans avec un concert à Nice. Scottish band Texas is celebrating its 25th anniversary with a concert in Nice.


Scottish band Texas celebrates 25 years of hit-making with a European tour that sees them play Nice this November.

I Don’t Want a Lover”, “Halo”, “Summer Son”, “Black Eyed Boy”... Since they burst onto the musical scene 25 years ago, the Scottish rock pop band Texas has been releasing hit after hit, selling over 38 million albums worldwide and becoming a force to be reckoned with.

Now to celebrate their silver anniversary, they have embarked on an extensive European tour that will take them to Nice on the 20th of November, in support of their latest album, “Texas 25”, which hit the shelves earlier this year.

Taking their name from the Wim Wenders cult film “Paris, Texas” and fronted by Sharleen Spiteri, a pretty brunette regarded by many as one of the best UK lead-singers, the band worked with Truth and Soul, the production team behind Adele and Amy Winehouse, in their Brooklyn, New York, studio to rework some of the classics from its extensive catalogue.


Originally formed by bass player Johnny McElhone in 1986, Texas has survived all the various music trends of the last few decades and Spiteri’s stint as a solo artist (Melody (2008) and 2010’s The Movie Songbook) to stay true to their pop/rock roots. Now, after years of playing shows at large arenas, the band favour smaller venues, offering fans a more intimate experience with songs stripped down to the bare essentials.

Their upcoming concert at the Acropolis will be no different. Expect an evening of both classics mixed in with new songs and a lot of interaction with the crowd. Say what you want, after a quarter of a century, Texas still has it!

Texas plays at the Acropolis in Nice on Friday, 20th of November 2015 at 8:00 pm. Tickets range in price from 44 € to 66 € and can be purchased through all the usual outlets or reserved online.

Esplanade Kennedy
06000 Nice

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Tournage d’Un sac de billes à Nice pour Riviera Buzz. Filming of A bag of marbles for Riviera Buzz.

a bag of marbles

It was a sight that nobody expected nor wanted to see again in Nice: a banner with the Nazi swastika on the facade on a government building.

Some viewed it as a provocation, others took pictures thinking it a joke, while in reality, it was actually just an unfortunate misunderstanding. A film crew, currently in town to film an adaptation of Joseph Joffo’s memoirs, Un sac de billes (A Bag of Marbles), had actually been granted permission to use the Palais de la Préfecture to represent the Hotel Excelsior under the German occupation during World War II.

In order to alleviate the outcry, the Préfecture was compelled to release a statement afterwards saying it had made every effort to make people aware of the operation, including contacting the city’s Jewish community to explain. It also added that it was an “honour” to host the filming as part of the city’s “duty to remember.“


Indeed, after Italy surrendered on 8th September 1943, the Germans moved into Nice and two days later, Nazi war criminal Alois Brunner, a top aide to Adolf Eichmann, strategically set up his headquarters at the Excelsior, and immediately started organizing some of the war’s most violent raids against the Jews. Teams of SS officers routinely patrolled the city, snatching anyone off the street that looked Jewish. The concepts of nationality or mixed marriages, the age of children, or the infirmity of people stood for nothing, and the simple fact of being circumcised was enough to be arrested.

From that fateful day in September up to the time Brunner left Nice, in total about 80 days, no less than 2,142 Jewswere rounded up and sent to the hotel. There, they were registered and then sent to the death camps via the nearby train station.

A Bag of Marbles is a classic of children’s literature, which has been translated into 18 languages. It follows two Jewish brothers, Maurice and Joseph, as they fled occupied France to the free zone, primarily Menton and Nice, in order to reunite with their family.

The adaptation of the book, which is being directed by French-Canadian director Christophe Duguay and stars famed actors Christian Clavier, Patrick Bruel and Elsa Zylberstein is being filmed in Nice and Avignon until the end of October.

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Critique gastronomique pour Riviera Buzz. Food critic for Riviera Buzz.

Ecurie de la marquise

L’Ecurie de la marquise in Grimaud will definitely warm the cockles of the heart for any homesick Niçois(e), a real home away from home!

The medieval village of Grimaud may be more than an hour away from Nice, but step into the dining room of the Ecurie de la marquise and you’ll think that you’re back in the heart of the cours Saleya, surrounded by the familiar aroma of rosemary and thyme.

Located in a cute cobbled street, this restaurant, which is nothing short of an institution for locals and tourists alike, was taken over five years ago by a Niçois with an infinite fondness for the traditional recipes he grew up with. No wonder then that all dishes reflect an authentic cuisine!


The owner, Didier, welcomes you with open arms and a smile. He wants you to feel right at home and treats you like guests rather than simple customers. If you have any questions, he will take the time to explain what’s on the menu, the different choices, the origins of the ingredients and how the main dishes are cooked, without ever pushing people to choose the most expensive options. He may even tell you a joke or two!

To start the meal, it is socca all round. The crispy Niçois pancake makes for the perfect appetizer while perusing the “carte du jour”, which includes a set menu as well as a wide variety of choices.


These include the lamb confit and the mustard lemon chicken to a large range of pizzas and the mysterious yet delicious desert, the Pain Tchinché, the restaurant’s own version of the pain perdu cooked just the way Didier’s mother used to make it. The portions are all very generous, everything is made using the freshest ingredients and to accompany the meal, a nice variety of wines from local producers is on offer.

But the experience does not stop with the meal. The cosy and “vintage chic” interior makes for a relaxing atmosphere, ideal for a family lunch or a dinner with friends, with a piano in one corner, a blazing log fire in another and fantastic art on the walls. It is quite small however so it is advisable to reserve in advance. The restaurant also only accepts cash so leave that CB at home!

L’Ecurie de la marquise
3, rue du Gacharel
83310 Grimaud


Récit dans riviera Buzz d’un dimanche ensoleillé à Rubion pour la Transhumance. Story in Riviera Buzz of a sunny Sunday in Rubion for the “Transhumance”.


Every autumn, thousands of sheep leave behind the upland pastures where they spent a peaceful summer to find shelter in the low-lands.

And every year, this procession gives rise to the traditional Fête de la Transhumance in the village of Roubion, a perched village located on the descent from the Col de la Couillole.

Last Sunday, just a few hours after torrential rains transformed most of the French Riviera into a terrifying flood zone, the sun was back and people turned out in large number to cheer on the farmers, their dogs and their adorable woolly quadrupeds as they passed through the 12th century old village on their way to the Var.


The festivities started at 8:30 am with the baking of bread, some traditional dancing and a craft market. Then it was time for everybody to gather on the main square to welcome the colourful and noisy procession (the sheep wore tags and the few goats that accompanied them tinkling collars) in a friendly atmosphere.

A bit behind schedule, the animals finally arrived around 11:45 am to the applause of the waiting crowd. If today most flocks are moved by large double-decker trucks, this annual celebration offers a unique opportunity to witness the sheep being herded down the small roads and to walk with them from the village to the station of Roubion Les Buisses, just a couple of kilometers away, to the sound of traditional Provençal music.

The hike is easy and takes about half an hour but for those who cannot walk, free shuttles are also available.


Once in the station, the sheep continued grazing on the lush green pasture but the festivities did not end for the bipeds. Many stalls offered delicious food (cheese, sausages, ham, socca…), home-made jams and local wines, while a small farm provided for some great entertainment.

Roubion has been hosting this annual transhumance fête since 2003 and this year’s celebration once again offered a breath of fresh air – a nice parenthesis in a somewhat difficult weekend on the Côte d’Azur.