Article pour Riviera Buzz sur ma dernière découverte musicale. Article for Riviera buzz about my latest musical discovery.

French-American band Moriarty are playing the Théâtre Lino Ventura in Nice this April in support of their latest album, Epitaph.


They take their name from the lead character of Jack Kerouac’s masterpiece On the Road and with their mixture of folk, blues, country, cabaret and even Portuguese fado, Franco-American band Moriarty take their listeners on a musical journey interspersed with colourful tales in English of imagined lands and people.

Back on the road to support their latest album, Epitath, they will play in Nice on the 28th of April at the Théâtre Lino Ventura. A great occasion to discover this bohemian troop, which has already established a huge following inFrance and is making waves abroad!

Describing Moriarty’s sound is not an easy task. Since forming in Paris in 1995, the band has managed to create its own whimsical universe, as diverse and cosmopolitan as its 6 members of French, American, Swiss andVietnamese origin. Dressed like 1930’s prohibition outlaws, with a strong theatrical flair, they rely on acoustic guitars, a harmonica, a double-bass, a drum as well as the pure vocals of the opera-trained singer, Rosemary, and like to perform in strange locations such as the ruins of a castle, a psychiatric hospital or a night train.


When together, all members take the surname of Moriarty to become a big family, and inspired by Lewis Carroll and guided by the surreal, believing that humans, animals, plants and objects have a soul, they write songs that play likeshort movies.

Moriarty’s debut album, Gee Whiz This is a Lonesome Town, which was released in 2007, sold 70,000 copies and was certified Gold. A year later, they won best emerging act at the Victoires de la Musique (the French equivalent to the Grammys).

Since then, Moriarty has traveled all over the world, performing a perfect mix of original songs and beautiful covers of classics such as Depeche Mode’s Enjoy the Silence and Tom Waits’s Chocolate Jesus.

Moriarty plays the Théâtre Lino Ventura in Nice on Tuesday, 28th of April 2015 at 8:00 pm. Tickets cost 20,80 € and can be purchased through all the usual outlets or reserved online.

Théâtre Lino Ventura
route de Turin
06100 Nice



Un de mes magasins américains préférés a ouvert à Nice. Cela valait bien un article pour Riviera Buzz! One of my favorite American stores has opened in Nice. It was worth an article for Riviera Buzz!


American cult fashion brand Anthropologie brings its sophisticated and cultured philosophy to the capital of the French Riviera.

Good news for all you shopaholics and fashionistas: popular women’s retailer Anthropologie has just made its debut on the French Riviera with a presence on the second floor of the Galeries Lafayettes in Nice, opening just three weeks ago.

Owned by Philadelphia-based Urban Outfitters, a retail chain known for its edgy street fashion, Anthropologie is often seen as its more sophisticated sister, which curates a more grown-up and free-spirited aesthetic, at a slightly higher price.


Art and creativity have indeed always been at the core of the brand since its creation in 1992. As mentioned on its website, Anthropologie offers “a one-of-a-kind and compelling experience that makes women feel beautiful, hopeful and connected” and it is true that it does everything it can to make customers feel welcome and special, thanks to the store’s decoration and friendly staff.

The chain store specializes in dresses, pants and tops made with boldly patterned textiles, vintage-looking accessories such as jewellery, bags and hair bands as well as retro-style home décor, and its aims is to develop a sophisticated mix of style and culture. Each location is designed to reflect the local environment, and in Nice, you will find among the summery clothes, straw hats, ethnic bags, notebooks and scented candles, a selection of art books about the works of the likes of famed fashion designer Yves Saint-Laurent or French artist Sonia Delauney.

After opening in the BHV department store in Paris last September, Anthropologie is now pursuing its expansion throughout the country, and a French version of its website should be up and running this summer.


Galeries Lafayette (2nd floor)
6, ave. Jean Médecin
06000 Nice

All images courtesy Anthropologie


Article de la semaine pour Riviera Buzz. Article of the week for Riviera Buzz


Dire Straits’ former frontman Mark Knopfler will be making his guitar cry just for you at the Palais Nikaïa in Nice this May!

His guitar solos on Dire Straits’s biggest hits from Sultans of Swing and Telegraph Road to Money for Nothing andTunnel of Love have turned him into a music legend. Now, thirty years after the release of his former band’s multi-platinum Brothers In Arms album, Mark Knopfler is back with his eighth solo effort, Tracker, released on the 16th of March last, and an extensive European tour that will take him to Nice on the 29th of May.

His former band may have reemerged recently under the name The Straits, but Knopfler seems more than happy to march on his own now, leaving behind his rock’n’roll days for more folksy, bluesy and jazzy sounds, with even a touch of Country, that take the listener on a leisurely stroll.


The eleven tracks that compose Tracker all have a nostalgic feel to them, a languorous vibe and relaxed pace that tell colourful stories about a wide range of subjects and real-life characters, such as the late Beryl Bainbridge. AsKnopfler himself put it: ‘The album title Tracker arrived out of me trying to find my way over the decades. Out of me tracking time – looking at people, places and things from my past, and out of the process of tracking as in recording tracks in the studio.”

A few traces of the good old days still remain though. After all, Mark Knopfler is and always will be a guitar hero. His style of playing is immediately recognizable, his laconic voice has not changed and he still has an acute sense of observation in depicting real-life situations.


Throughout his nearly forty year career, Knopfler has definitely carved out a unique legacy that makes him one of the world’s most recognized guitarists. And if the multiple Grammy winner will be playing his own material for the mostpart on his upcoming tour, one can nonetheless expect to hear a few Dire Straits hits thrown in for good measure.

Mark Knopfler plays the Palais Nikaïa in Nice on Friday, 29th of May 2015 at 8:00 pm. Tickets range in price from 56,50 € to 73 € and can be purchased through all the usual outlets or reserved online

All images courtesy Mark Knopfler website; photos © Fabio Lovino


Article sur le projet de film lancé par Clairs Horizons pour aider les malades du cancer et leurs familles. Article about the movie project launched by Clairs Horizons to help cancer patients and their families.


Non-profit organisation Clairs Horizons, based in Nice, is producing a series of educational films about cancer, and you can help.

Hearing the words « you have cancer » is in itself overwhelming. In an instant, that person and their loved ones are catapulted into a world where terms such as chemotherapy and radiation become part of their everyday life. But along with the diagnosis, there are also the many stressful visits to health care providers, countless tests, surgeries and treatments, as well as daunting decisions to make and numerous questions for which answers are sometimes hard to get: what are the side-effects of the treatments? How can I stand the stress of it all? Where can I find aesthetic, skin and body care comfort? What kind of financial support is available?

This is why the Nice-based Clairs Horizons, a non-profit organization helping cancer patients and their families has been working on a movie project entitled « Adoucir la traversée » over the last few years, that will be shown in the waiting rooms of cancer treatment centres and will provide comfort, support and useful information to people fighting the disease. Known for its events organized throughout France « La Journée Glamour » which help women recover, both physically and mentally, after cancer treatment, the association has been looking in parallel at a practical way to assist patients and their families in navigating through this difficult period as best as possible, and to make sure they understand their illness, its consequences and its treatment.


The movie is now ready. It will contain about 18 different sequences that will include advice from professionals as well as testimonies from former patients, and will be interspersed with moments of relaxation. It just now needs the money to get into production and that is where you can help. The association has indeed recently launched a crowdfunding campaign on the Ulule platform to collect €20,000 before the 12th of April and time is running short!

The big C is unfortunately everywhere around us, taking millions of lives each year, and affecting each one of us in some way – 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women will be diagnosed with the disease at some point in their lives. So, if you want to make a donation and/or help spread the word about this worthy project, you can simply check the movie’s link on Ulule:


All images courtesy Clairs Horizons