Une belle découverte à Nice pour une pause gourmande. A nice discovery in Nice for a sweet break

Gout thé_5

A new teahouse recently opened in Nice is guaranteed to take you on a trip down memory lane, a real déjà vu experience!

Remember what it felt like to go to your grandmothers for afternoon tea? The smell of freshly baked pastries, the family pictures on the wall, the old style crockery, the embroidered tablecloths…all the childhood memories that bring a smile to your face!

Well, you can now relive them all, at least for an hour, thanks to Priscilla (pictured below), a young niçoise who opened her own salon de thé just over a year ago in Borriglione, the neighbourhood where she was born and grew up.

For as long as she can remember, Priscilla has always loved to bake and spend quality time catching up with her mother over a cup of coffee. When you step into Au Goût Thé d’Antan, you get just that, a cozy and inviting atmosphere, with an impressive choice of cakes as well as hot and cold beverages.

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The pastries change on a daily basis, depending on Priscilla’s mood and the fruits that she finds each morning at the market. And even if she does not always have her own creations on display – she has spent months perfecting her now famous fondant tout chocolat, and has brought back some English recipes from time spent in Londonbanoffee and cupcakes – she likes nothing better than sharing with her customers those old-fashioned cakes her two grandmothers taught her how to make. Her gateau de pain and Flognarde aux pommes are definite crowd pleasers.

To accompany the pastries, there is a large selection of teas, coffees and, of course, mouth-watering hot chocolates on the menu. Adding to the old-fashioned atmosphere, the tiny place is decorated with mid-century furniture, dolls and vintage appliances. Even Priscilla plays the part. With her little dresses, her apron, her hair bow and her permanent smile, she is the perfect hostess. Customers feel at home here, enjoying a sweet break in a relaxed setting. Sometimes, happiness is as simple as that!

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Au goût thé d’Antan
31, avenue Borriglione
06100 Nice

Open Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 1pm to 7pm
Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 9am to 7pm



Petit article dans Riviera Buzz sur la prochaine marche organisée par Pink Ribbon Monaco. Little article in Riviera Buzz about the upcoming walk organized by Pink Ribbon Monaco.

Pink Ribbon 1

Monaco will turn pink this coming March in support of Pink Ribbon Monaco and their ongoing fight against breast cancer.

It has become one of those not to be missed events in the Principality and for the 4th consecutive year, Monaco will turn out in support of Pink Ribbon Monaco to fundraise and help raise awareness about this terrible disease.

Breast cancer is the most common form of feminine cancer worldwide, comprising 16% of all female cancers, but it can be beaten. When detected at an early stage, it can usually be cured, but the chances of survival rapidly decrease as the tumour spreads. It is for this reason that information and early detection save lives.

So this 15th March, you can too participate in the annual walk organised by Pink Ribbon Monaco and join hundreds of other people wearing pink tutus, pink wigs or pink hats. The walk is open to everybody – women, men, children, the elderly, babies, cancer survivors and even dogs – and will take you on a 5km loop around Port Hercule and its environs.

Pink Ribbon 3

Pink Ribbon 3

Pink Ribbon is a worldwide campaign and you may have already heard about the numerous walks that are taking place regularly all across the globe.

However, Pink Ribbon Monaco, which was founded in the Spring 2011 remains an independent charity that focuses its actions on the region and the Principality. Through various fun events (Poker tournament, introduction to paddle board…), and under the guidance of the Centre Hospitalier Princesse Grace, its goal is to educate people on the importance of early detection and the necessity to create an environment where women who have found a lump in their breast do not have to wait too long to have a biopsy or receive treatment.

Pink Ribbon 4

The Pink Ribbon Walk will start at 10:30 pm on Sunday, 15th March and entry costs €30. You can register online, pay by cheque, or sign-up at the Running Expo the day before the event, from 9 am to 5 pm.

Port Hercule / Port de Monaco
Route de la Piscine
98000 Monaco