Article publié cette semaine dans Riviera Buzz (Article published this week in Riviera Buzz)

chez moi
If you are looking for no-fuss, yet delicious food and friendly service, well look no further than the recently opened Chez Moi in Nice.

Located on rue Paganini, a few blocks from the busy avenue Jean Médecin and directly opposite Théatre de la Cité, this neighbourhood restaurant is fast becoming a favorite for those looking to spend a relaxed and convivial evening out.

« Chez Moi » means “at home” in French and this is exactly how the two owners, author/actor Roland Bijaoui and former cop turned film director and screenwriter Olivier Marchal – 36 Quai des Orfèvres (Department 36), crime drama television serie Braquo – want you to feel like when you step into their restaurant. Concerned about your enjoyment and satisfaction, they treat you like guests rather than customers.

The place is decorated with mismatched but neatly thought-out furniture, flea market finds and paintings from local artists. The price is also very reasonable, with set menus for both lunch and dinner at €15 that includes an appetizer, a main course and a dessert, with very adequately sized portions. The menu may be minimalist, but it changes every day, featuring fresh flavorful dishes.

The vegetable semolina and the sardine rillettes for starters and the black blood sausages and risotto as main courses are just some of the most popular dishes, while the apricot tart and the chocolate mousse for desert are just to die for. If you are allergic to something or if you have special dietary requirements, just tell the waiters and they will find an adequate alternative for you.

The place only opened five months ago but is already expanding. Within the coming weeks, 15 new place settings will be added and to celebrate this, the owners are planning a big inauguration that will include some of their famous actor friends. Gérard Lanvin, Béatrice Dalle and even Gérard Depardieu with whom Marchal worked, are rumoured to be attending.

In the meantime, you can always check what all the buzz is about for yourself, and if you happen to pass by Chez Moi of a Sunday, don’t hesitate to pop in if you see the door open. Even though the restaurant is supposed to be closed that day, the owners like nothing better than to throw a little party every so often, where everybody is invited for free food and drink.

Chez Moi
2, rue Paganini
06000 Nice

Tel: 06 79 31 16 02 (mobile)


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