Cet article a été publié dans Riviera Buzz en 2013 (this article was published in Riviera Buzz in 2013)


Wazo Brunch in Nice, a convivial and trendy spot to relax and enjoy great food at very reasonable prices with your nearest and dearest.

The concept of brunch is becoming increasingly popular and in Nice, new places offering this mix of breakfast and lunch on their menus are popping up like wildfire all over the city. But if for some brunch remains mostly a Sunday affair, at Wazo Brunch, it is available all weekend long and throughout the day.

Opened just over a year ago, this charming little restaurant, located on rue Delfy near the MAMAC, is slowly but surely becoming quite the place to go for the weekend late riser, or for those who just want to eat well at veryaffordable prices.

The concept here is simple – you choose between two to five ingredients for your brunch and pay accordingly, with prices ranging from €8 to €20.

The sweet tooth among you will probably opt for either the pancakes served with maple syrup, the French toasts, the fresh pastries and cookies, or, maybe even a home-made yogurt. The savoury food lover also has plenty to choose from – salmon on toastpotatoesbaconbeanssausagescheese plates…the list is impressive and the items delicious!

Of course, no brunch is complete without eggs – whether you like them sunny side upboiled or scrambled, you will be guaranteed to be find your happiness. And let’s not forget the hot drinks – coffeehot chocolate and a large variety of teas – as well as the freshly squeezed juices to put the final touch to your meal.

If brunch is not your thing, no need to worry, a menu that includes some interesting dishes like Japanese salad,truffle pesto lasagnaquinoa Shepherd’s Pie or finely sliced chicken breast served with maple syrup is also available.

Wazo Brunch definitively knows how to make its customers feel at home. The staff is friendly and the ambience is cosy, with nicely decorated walls – at the moment you can admire a selection of works by Italian artistGuido Duty Gorn.

Open from Tuesday to Friday from 3 pm to 10:30 pm, on Saturday from 11 am to 10:30 pm and on Sunday from 11 am to 4:30 pm.

Wazo Brunch
14 bis, rue Défly
06000 Nice

Tel: 06 64 47 68 69



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