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ice cream

The summer heat is definitely a great excuse to indulge yourself in one of the numerous ice cream parlours scattered throughout Nice.

With temperatures soaring, people are always looking for ways to stay cool. Our personal recommendation here at Riviera Buzz? Ice cream! To help you make a choice between all the options on offer, we have tried as many of them as possible – all is the name of research of course! – and here is our verdict:

Step out of your comfort zone at Fenocchio

This ice-cream parlour needs no introduction. Opened in 1966 on Place Rossetti by the Fennocchio family in the old town, it has become something of an institution for locals and a must-stop for tourists with nearly 100 varieties of ice creams and sorbets.

Their specialties? Some unusual flavours that pay tribute to the south of France: Rosemary, thyme, lavender, tomato-basil, black olive, Calisson, lavender, Tourte de Blette… but also some insane creations such as beer, salted butter caramel, chewing-gum or even cactus!

Of course, if you are not ready just yet to unleash your inner adventurer, Fenocchio also offers less bold choices.Chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, pistachio…they have it all!

A world of flavours at Arlequin Gelati

According to Trip Advisor, this ice cream parlour is simply the best one in Nice. Not a small accomplishment forRoberto, the proud owner of the shop who has brought with him to Nice the scents of his native Italy and the tastes of his travels around the world.

Always using fresh seasonal fruits from the nearby market, he creates pure and original ice creams and sorbets that contain no conservatives or artificial colourings. The customer can try the different flavours before ordering, so there is no risk at being tempted by some of the gelateria’s original offerings such as Persepolis (saffron) or Tropical Eden (almond and coconut),

Definitely a great address for the entire family and especially for the kids who, once a year, can get a free scoop of ice cream if they bring a drawing or a poem.

Tradition First at Crema di Gelato

If you love traditional ice creams made with top quality ingredients and seasonal fruits in the purest Italian style, look no further than Crema di Gelato, right next to the Palais de Justice in the old town. Opened in 2004 byLorenzo and Monica Santini, with the help of some Italian investors, this little boutique offers all the classic flavours you can think of, from chocolate and vanilla to melon and strawberry.

However, preserving tradition does not necessarily preclude new ideas, and Crema di Gelato also creates its own little delicacies such as the mignons glacés which are compositions based on sorbet or ice cream, the pralineswhich are small balls of ice cream wrapped in crunchy chocolate, and the cone cakes, which are a nice mix of ice cream and pastries.

Ice cream and nothing else at Gelateria Azzurro

Here you will not find any crepes, waffles, or granitas…the Veyrat family who opened the place in 1996 only makes ice creams, but it does it very well and that’s all that matters in the end. Just a few meters away from Fenocchio, this small kiosk-booth-take-away is slowly getting the recognition it deserves.

They may not have the same variety as their famous neighbour, but they still have a fair amount to choose from, ranging from all-time favorites such as chocolate, vanilla or strawberry, to more original ones such as rose, lavenderand bounty bar. They even have a blue ice cream called “Schtroumpf” if you really want to be adventurous.

And the icing on the cake – the ice cream cones are also homemade, sometimes right in front your eyes if you are lucky.

Gelateria Via Mazzini, the New Kid in Town

The Italians definitely know a thing or two about making delicious ice creams and the recently opened Gelateria Via Mazzini is no exception. The owners are from Turin and use only the freshest ingredients to make on-site delectable delights for all palates.

If traditionalists will probably opt for flavours such as hazelnut, dark chocolate – the fondente, a super-creamy dark chocolate, is just to die for! – and pistachio, or choose one of the fruit gelati which literally burst with flavour, the innovators may want to try the magnum style ice creams, the ice cream sandwiches or one of the cakes.

Not (yet !) crammed with tourists, this true artisanal gelateria is bound to become one of Nice’s favorite ice cream spots in the very near future – you heard it here first!

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