Cet article a été publié dans Riviera Buzz en 2013 (this article was published in Riviera Buzz in 2013)

les causeries

Les Causeries de Blandine located in Vieux Nice provides a welcome reprieve from the hustle and bustle of this touristy part of the city.

Not as young-spirited and “American” as the always crowded Emilie’s Cookies, and not as trendy as places like Déli Bo., this newly opened tea house, just a short hop, skip, and jump from Place Rossetti, is just the perfect address for a light meal or a “sweet” afternoon break in a friendly atmosphere.

Inside is nicely decorated in a rustic style, complete with wooden chairs and books available to peruse while you relax with your cuppa. Even if things may have a bit of a girly appearance with all the various plants and cute little decorative items on display, everybody will feel at home here. Les Causeries de Blandine is a bit of everything: asnack place, a tea house, an art gallery and a store, all rolled into one.

The stone walls are decorated with paintings from local artists – they change about every month – and on the various shelfs throughout the place, there are boxes of tea and scented candles on display, and are all for sale.

At lunchtime, why not try a salad, a quiche, or a savoury tart, all of which are homemade, and you will still have change out of €10! Come the afternoon, the selection of teas on offer is quite impressive: « Palais des Thés », « Mariage Frères », « Lov Organic » … all are served with an individual timer so as to ensure the perfect brew, a good way to learn about the specificities of each tea. Workshops are even organized a few evenings a month, so you can learn from experts in the art of tea.

Besides the wide ranging selection of teas, there are various other hot drinks and juices available, and the pastries which, when not made by Blandine herself, come from the delicious Xocoalt chocolate place on rue Alberti, and are just divine. If you suffer from food allergies, fear not, there are gluten-free cakes available.

A relaxed place, a nice atmosphere, some good food at a very reasonable price…sometimes happiness is that simple!

Les Causeries de Blandine
8, rue du Pont Vieux
06300 Nice

Open every day from 11 am to 7 pm



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